Yellowstone Winter Bison

Limited Edition of 12 prints

Bison, in the winter, have a very rough life.   Yellowstone is a great place to photograph the bison but doing it in the winter is special.  Watching these massive animals navigate the snow looking for grass to eat is the epitome of survival and since 1995 and the introduction of wolves their lives have gotten even harder.   In the 1800’s bison were almost completely wiped out by hunters.  Thankfully, for us all, they survived.

All prints are signed and original GD Whalen prints, numbered, printed and mounted in GD Whalen’s studio.  Nothing is farmed out so you are assured of getting the absolutely best professional image and print to hang.  Go here to learn about Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints. 
Want to add a frame?  Click here to learn about adding a frame to your print. Framing is an additional cost.


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