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Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints

    Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints offer a number of benefits, including:Crystal Clear Gloss finish or Non-Glare finish: Crystal Archival  Prints can have a glossy finish that enhances the vibrancy and color saturation of the image, resulting in a visually stunning display piece.  As an alternative finish and look Crystal Archival Prints can have a nog-glare finish that helps to prevent the mirror-like reflection of bright lights that glare behind the viewer to minimize the mirror reflection.  Non-Glare images are just as sharp as the Crystal Clear Glossy but not as shiny.

  1. Floating effect: The Museum Grade Crystal Archival Print process creates a floating effect where the print appears to be suspended between the acrylic and the wall, adding depth and dimension to the image.

  2. Protection: The acrylic used in the Museum Grade Crystal Archival Print process helps to protect the print from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, preserving the quality and longevity of the image.

  3. Versatility: Crystal Archival  Prints can be framed for additional protection and a more traditional look, or displayed without a frame for a modern and minimalistic feel.

  4. Sturdiness: The thickness of the acrylic used in Crystal Archival Prints makes the final product sturdier and more substantial, making it a great option for high-traffic areas or commercial spaces.

  5. Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints look vibrant:  Crystal Archival Prints use metallic paper which is a three layered resin coated paper.  The magic comes from the powdered crystalline mica that refracts and reflects back the light.  That is why, if you put a metal print, canvas print and traditional print up on a wall, next to the Crystal Archival  Print the Crystal Archival Print will reflect light, even if you don’t have a gallery light hanging above it. The powdered crystalline mica makes the image pop with even a very subtle amount of light.  

  6. In Summary: Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints offer a unique combination of visual appeal and protection, making them a great option for anyone looking to add a statement piece to their home or office decor.

NOTE: A high quality Museum Grade Crystal Archival Print will have the following qualities. It is not recommended to buy a print that doesn’t have the following:

  • A backing on the print of either opaque acrylic or Di-Bond material.  The backing should be a minimum of 1/8″ thick material.  The backing is very important for two reasons:  it supplies rigidity to the acrylic and it protects the image from any negative environmental issues such as pollution, smoke and dust.  This back layer is VERY important.
  • A polished edge.  A professionally finished Crystal Archival Print will have an extremely smooth polished edge.  The polished edge gives the piece its 3D effect by allowing the viewer to actually see into the side of the print.  
  • A strong hanging system.  On the back of the print there should be a frame made of wood or better yet – aluminum.   The frame provides even more support to the print and also allows for the hanging of the print.  Typically the frame is hung with a z-bar but stand-offs and edge mounts also make for a very nice look.
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