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Q & A with GD Whalen

      • After my order how long will it take to receive my finished print? Typically I am able to get all orders out to you within two weeks unless I am out of town. However, when I receive your order I will let you know a timeline if the two weeks is not possible.

      • How long does it take for you to produce the print?  Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints take one day for the printing and curing process. It then takes one day for the lamination process and curing and then two more days to mount the print and polish the edges. So the entire process from print to shipping is approximately 4 daysAre your prints archival? Absolutely! I only use the very best Lexjet or Epson gloss metallic paper with archival inks and my proprietary icc profiles. Every step of my process is to insure that you get the absolute best gallery quality art. Expected life of 100-150 years under normal conditions.

      • Can I have the Museum Grade Crystal Archival Print framed? Yes, I can frame your prints and I do offer some incredible options with framing. I will add a section to my website soon to go over those possibilities.                                                   

      • What makes the Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints so vibrant?  Paper metallic prints, unlike metal prints, are a three layered resin coated paper.  The magic comes from the powdered crystalline mica that refracts and reflects back the light.  That is why, if you put a metal print, canvas print and traditional print up on a wall, next to the Museum Grade Crystal Archival Print the Museum Grade Crystal Archival Print will reflect light, even if you don’t have a gallery light hanging above it. The powdered crystalline mica makes the image pop with even a very subtle amount of light.

      • Do you do metal prints? I do not. I find that metal prints lack the 3D depth of our Crystal Archival Prints have plus they lack the vibrant and reflective light qualities of a Crystal Archival Print. Metal prints are fine but I find that our Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints much more to my desire to give you the absolute best gallery style print available.

      • Do you take the pictures? Yes, every image you see in here is mine. I have traveled all over the world trying to show my vision of how incredibly beautiful this world is: animals and landscapes.

      • What equipment do you use? That is kind of a loaded question to any photographer. We tend to like talking about equipment. 🙂 I have used almost any model of camera you can imagine. Large format, medium format and 35mm film as well as medium and full frame digital. Leica, Nikon, Arca-Swiss, Pentax and even the old Kodak Instamatic cameras. However, I should say that the only reason that I use such great equipment is that I print very large prints and need the highest quality image I can get. Photography is always about content but if you want to do very large prints, as I do, you need the best equipment available to achieve those sizes.

      • Do you sign your prints and offer limited editions of your work? Yes. My intention is to only give a collector or customer the very best finished print that I can create. I do the entire process from taking the image to framing (if desired) the finish print. I don’t sub anything out. So, when I am finished and I sign the print you can be sure that you are getting the very best finished piece of art possible.

      • You talk a lot about Crystal Archival  Prints but what do you think of canvas prints? I love canvas prints but they are completely different than Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints in that they are not protected by the UV acrylic. However, canvas prints have that beautiful texture of canvas, are lighter than Crystal Archival Prints and still have a somewhat 3D effect because of how they are wrapped during framing. I actually have a lot of canvas prints in my home because I love the tactile look and feel to them. It is definitely a personal choice and given the right situation they both make amazing art to hang in your home or office.

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