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GD Whalen

        GD Whalen has been a photographer for over 40 years.  Starting with a single Kodak Instamatic and progressing to large format field cameras he has traveled the world shooting images of people, landscapes and wildlife.  His dedication to capturing the essence and spirit of a person, place or animal is evident in all of his work.  Published with covers ranging from fashion magazines in Paris to landscape/nature magazines in the United States he is one of the few photographers that has been able to migrate to different genres of work.   Voted as the 14th best portrait photographer in the US, an Apple Computer International web artist of the month, winner of countless photo competitions but none of those things are important to him.  What is important to him is capturing moments of time that show the power and soul of a subject. People, animals and land all have a presence and all have a meaning to their existence. GD hopes that you enjoy all of the images and prints shown here.   If nothing else please appreciate what this earth has to offer and do your best to protect the beauty and spirit of this earth that has been given to us.  

About oversized acrylic office wall art GD Whalen Photography
About oversized acrylic office wall art LightLandscapeBioPic GD Whalen Photography
About oversized acrylic office wall art GDWhalenPicShooting GD Whalen Photography
Picture Taken by John Whiteley
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