Meares Glacier – Alaska

Limited Edition: 12 prints

Very few things are as timeless as a glacier but at the same time a warning as to the future.  Thankfully Meares Glacier is one of the very few glaciers on earth that is still growing.

This print is comprised of a single piece that measures 20″ x 94″ or a piece that is divided into two halves that has a total measurement of 28″ x133″.  The larger piece can be hung in a corner of a room making an almost panoramic view or hung straight if you prefer.  Either way makes for a very impressive piece of art.

All prints are signed and original GD Whalen prints, numbered, printed and mounted in GD Whalen’s studio.  Nothing is farmed out so you are assured of getting the absolutely best professional image and print to hang.  Go here to learn about Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints.


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