Moose in Fall Field

Limited Edition of 12 Prints

Alaska, in the fall, is a truly beautiful place.  The trees are turning colors and the animals look their very best.  In the case of moose their fur is new and shiny preparing for the winter cold and their antlers have come in making them look magnificent against the Alaska backdrop.  This particular shot was impressive to see as he was walking through this beautiful field of fall color.   This print would look great on any cabin or rec room wall adding color and life to the room.

All prints are signed and original GD Whalen prints, numbered, printed and mounted in GD Whalen’s studio.  Nothing is farmed out so you are assured of getting the absolutely best professional image and print to hang.  Go here to learn about Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints. 
Want to add a frame?  Click here to learn about adding a frame to your print. Framing is an additional cost.


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