Leader of the Pack

Limited Edition of 12 Prints – Per size

Great Grey Wolves are some of the most mysterious and mythical animals on earth.  Notorious for their intelligence, stealth and survival skills seeing one of these majestic animals in the wild is a heart pounding experience.  We need to protect them and learn to live with them as they are precious and deserve protection.  The leader of the pack is either the alpha male or alpha female but the entire pack is a force to be reckoned with.

All prints are signed and original GD Whalen prints, numbered, printed and mounted in GD Whalen’s studio.  Nothing is farmed out so you are assured of getting the absolutely best professional image and print to hang.  Go here to learn about Museum Grade Crystal Archival Prints. 
Want to add a frame?  Click here to learn about adding a frame to your print. Framing is an additional cost.



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